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Wither Staff

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Wither Staff
  • Wither Staff item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage64 Magic
Knockback4 Weak
Critical chance4%
Use time11 Very Fast
TooltipRapidly unleashes globules of death energy which apply 'Wither'
'Wither' quickly decays the flesh of enemies
Inflicts DebuffWither.pngWither
Debuff duration15 seconds
Debuff tooltipWITHER AWAY!!!
RarityRarity Level: 6
Sell5 Gold Coin.png
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
The Lich 1 14.29%
Treasure Bag (The Lich) 1 28.57%
Wither Staff casting animation.

The Wither Staff is a Hardmode magic weapon dropped by The Lich. It fires a flesh-melting bolt of deadly magic that inflicts enemies with the Wither debuff, dealing heavy damage over time.

Its best Modifier is Mythical.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The debuff cannot stack, but the duration is refreshed each time the enemy is hit by the staff.

History[edit | edit source]

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