Granite Cave

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The Granite Biome features three new Post-Skeletron enemies, one new critter and the Granite Energy Storm boss.

The biome receives new enemies upon defeating Skeletron for the first time in a world; this change is notified with the status message, "The pockets of Granite and Marble in your world tremble..."


Granite Cave
Characters Unique Drops

After Skeletron has been defeated:

Granite Eradicator.pngGranite Eradicator
Granite-Fused Slime.pngGranite-Fused Slime
Granite Surger.pngGranite Surger
Granite Energy Storm.pngGranite Energy Storm(boss)
Coalesced Energy.pngCoalesced Energy{From Granite Energy Storm)


Energywing Butterfly.pngEnergywing Butterfly


Granite Eradicator Banner.pngGranite Eradicator Banner
Granite-Fused Slime Banner.pngGranite-Fused Slime Banner
Granite Surger Banner.pngGranite Surger Banner

From Granite Eradicators, Granite-Fused Slimes & Granite Surgers:

Granite Block.pngGranite Block
Granite Energy Core.pngGranite Energy Core
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